Malaysian Government wants to rid itself of MH370 flight disappearance case

Malaysian government wants to rid itself of MH370 flight disappearance case

The Malaysian Government in an act to claim the insurance compensation, declared that the Flight MH370, disappeared on 8 March 2014 has suffered an accident.

The flight mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth and no residue, debris or survivors out of the 239 passengers and the crew has been found, of the supposed accident since then.

This is viewed by many as an attempt by the Government to get insurance money without taking the responsibility for the passengers that were on the plane that unfateful day. This has further angered the victims’ families and next of kin in which one of the victim’s family member said that they should respect the dead.

With this announcement, the hopes of many people, who had been waiting for the return of their loved ones, have been shattered. The families have been told to stop waiting for their loved ones and realize that they are all dead and to move on. However, it may be easier said than done.

Although the government has assured that they are doing everything in their power to find what is left of the flight and to find evidence or probable cause of its disappearance.

The Chinese government has been outraged by this announcement and asked the Malaysian government to pay compensation for the lives lost of the Chinese passengers, since the majority of traveling passengers constituted of Chinese nationality.

The Malaysian government replied to this outburst of anger with the answer that the insurance companies will soon summon the victim’s families for compensation and that their announcement was to make people realize that it’s about time that they moved on. They are not trying to rip away anybody’s insurance rights to save their money.

Although there are families that are accepting this fact and asking others to do the same, but will it be easy to abandon all hope and succumb to the reality of death?

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