‘Made in India’ products account for 95% Indian sales, Coolpad says

Coolpad note 5

Indian marketplace has always been more hospitable to new entrants in terms of tech gadgets and smartphones. Each month, the Indian market is kept on witnessing numerous mobiles and other smart devices, giving a more comfortable and welcoming platform to global smartphone makers to fortify their root. Coolpad, the Chinese conglomerate has always been a pivotal part of the intense growth of smartphone sale in the Indian market. Though, the company yet hasn’t created any notable milestone in the Indian bazaar, still kept on overwhelming other competitors like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo.

The company yesterday launched its new smartphone called Coolpad Note 5, tagged with Rs. 10, 999. The sale of the handset will be starting from the mid of October, via Amazon India. While wrapping the curtains off from the new handset, the company has revealed some enchanting facts about Indian bazaar, which went viral.

On 30th September, at a press event in New Delhi, the promising Chinese handset maker Coolpad said that about 95% of its smartphones sold in India are locally assembled. The company, for now, is aggressively working on expanding its offline presence in India, while facing harsh competition with same-aged companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo.

To recall, Coolpad shook its hand with domestic leader Videocon in started working early of 2016 and started working on ‘Make In India’ projects.  On this matter, CEO of Coolpad India, Syed Tajuddin said the manufacturing capacity of Coolpad with the collaboration of Videocon is around 250,000-300,000 units per month.

The Vice President of Coolpad Group, Luo Zhongsheng addressed to the reporters; The Company started its voyage in Indian market with the partnership with India-based Company Videocon in January 2016 and under the flagship ‘Make in India’, it kicked off the manufacturing of smartphones. In the current time, around 95% of the devices from Coolpad now come under the venture of Made in India. He also that, while launching a new smartphone or tablet, the orders of around 10,000-15,000 units are sourced from China, and while the rest are acquired by the Indian market.

“Videocon has many offline stores which we might leverage for selling Coolpad products, we have already discussed this with Videocon. Offline segment is important and we are already working with Amazon on this front. We also want to collaborate with more partners to extend our offline reach,” Coolpad Vice President, Luo Zhongsheng.

“We had set a stiff sales target ahead of us and aims to cross the 4 million handset mark by March next year. Coolpad aims to be in the top five players in the global as well as Indian market,” he added.

The latest smartphone of Coolpad – Note 5 features a strong lineup of specs and functionalities including 5.5-inch Full HD display, 4GB RAM and 32 GB expandable internal storage, high definition 13MP primary and 8 MP secondary cameras accompanied by LED Flash and is bakced by 4010 mAh battery.

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  • Remember our soldiers are getting killed by LET terrorist, who gets support from China, please buy Made in India products from now.

    • It is really shame that we, Indians, cannot manufacturer a railway engine whose technology is 250 years old, cannot manufacture a jet engine whose technology is 110 years old, and in no way we can manufacture microprocessors, memory, screen, cellular chips, Wi-Fi chips, camera, USB flash memory, etc. which are required for smart phones and computers. We can hardly assemble them, never manufacture them!

  • While buying anything from a pencil to white goods, make a conscious choice to buy an Indian alternative. At least one that does not have a Made in China stamp.

  • ‘Made in India’ ? Correct phrase is ‘Assembled in India’. Even the cardboard box that comes with the phone is from China. Can a camera, GSM chip, processor, or even an LED be manufactured in India? No way. All consumer electronics is 100% chinese. At max, few companies may be assembling few pieces just to show as if they are manufactured here. Junk news.

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