MacBook Pros launched with automatic booting on opening the lid, but leaving out the signature start-up Chime

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MacBook Pro, which was launched on Thursday, is no doubt mirroring the artistic and innovativeness of Apple. Refined with a superior line-up of specs and ultra-thin body, MacBook Pro has already started taking the market by storm. Apple has redesigned its new MacBook Pros with the game-changing ‘Touch Bar,’ but the lack of shimmering Apple logo and iconic Mac start-up chime has happened to the talk-of-the-town.

As explicated in a testimony published by 9to5Mac, with corporeal function keys, the lustrous logo of Apple and traditional USB ports, Apple also has ditched the iconic Mac chime on its MacBook Pros. To recall, Mac Chime is used when booting up the computer, and it was with the Mac devices since Mac exceeded the preliminary POST checks. Since 1998, Apple has been suing the same F-sharp arpeggio sound in its workstations and with the upgraded version of MacBook Pro; Apple has kicked out the iconic component. is the first site to spot the lack of start-up Chime in new MacBook devices. With the removal of Mac Chine, MacBook devices won’t make any sound while rebooting, except there is a fault. Though Apple didn’t talk about this departure in its keynote presentation, held last week, the exclusion of Chime seems to be made for a decent motive. As per the new design, the new MacBook Pro needs to power button to be pressed and robotically powers on when the user opens the lid. Isn’t great that you don’t need to press the button for opening your Mac Pc?

It is supposed that the elimination of Chime option from new MacBook series is intended to prevent unnecessary sounds while opening the cover of the MacBook Pro. Simply saying, quickly and silently, MacBook Pro can be geared up for use.

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