Lucifer heatwave in Europe caused by climate change

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Europe’s Mediterranean Nations is setting new parameters of summer heat with the burning temperature, approximately above 40-degree Celsius. A new study has been published which claims that it will become normal in Southern Europe by 2050 if any action not taken regarding the global warming issue.

As per the analysis of World Weather Attribution (WWA), the specific Lucifer heatwave had hit the areas like South-East France, Italy, and Croatia in starting of August. So the probability is that its the human-caused climate change.

The warmth of the Lucifer heatwave is not dropping below 30-degree Celsius for three days and night and linked to 15% rush in emergency admissions in hospitals in Italy. In 2003, severe heatwaves linked to 75,000 deaths in Europe as per an analysis. Therefore, prolonged heat is a known fact which is very dangerous to health.

Friederike Otto at the University of Oxford, UK who is also part of WWA said that Summers keep getting hotter. Heatwaves are far more intense nowadays than the time his parents were growing up in the 1950s. If no action is performed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions then, the past summer would be a norm when his son will be a grown man.

Due to the fast-growing science, it is easy to find out what is causing the sudden and drastic climate changes. Is global warming is the reason behind the extreme weather? By comparing historical measurements and computer models with the extremes researchers can show the impact of global warming on the weather.

In June, WWA showed the utmost heatwave which saw dangerous forest flames burning in Portugal and Spain which was made 10 times more likely by global warming. Therefore, 64 people died in Portugal.

The researchers analysed the Lucifer heatwave and examining it’s three days peak temperature in starting of August. They discovered the intensity of before-mentioned heatwaves has raised by 1C to 2C since 1950. So, the overall climate change has quadrupled the change of them occurring.

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