Exercise moderately for half an hour for 3-4 days per week for more sperm count

A new study revealed that the men who workout 3-5 days a week have higher chances to increase their sperm counts. It also reveals that significant changes could be observed in the measures of sperm quality within just a few months. It was first published in the journal Reproduction.

Despite men following popular intensive exercise programmes like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), those who are exercising moderately and continuously have more improved sperm quality, the study noted. In addition, researchers also said that one-third of couples around the world struggle to conceive due to poor semen quality and the only treatment suggested to them is In vitro fertilisation (IVF). However, it may lead to an increase in birth defects, risk of miscarriage and the development of childhood cancer.

Hence, it is advised that each and every man to at least exercise moderately to improve the probability of conceiving. The suggestions also include giving up smoking, reducing the intake of alcohol, healthy eating and regular exercise.

The scientist from Urmia University in Iran conducted the study on 261 healthy men aged between 25 and 40 years old. The team first excluded the men who did more than 25 minutes of exercise more than three days per week or followed a regular exercise programme. Then each participant among the remaining ones was assigned to one of the four groups – high-intensity continuous training (HICT), HIIT, moderate intensity continuous training (MICT), or a control group that did no exercise.

All of the four groups were assigned some type of exercises as following:

  1. Moderate intensity continuous training MICT: Running on a treadmill for half an hour  for 3-4 days per week.
  2. High-intensity continuous training (HICT): Running on a treadmill for one hour for 3-4 days per week.
  3. High-intensity interval training (HIIT): Short one-minute bursts of sprinting on a treadmill, followed by a one minute recovery period, repeating between ten to fifteen times. These routines were followed during a 24-week period.
  4. No exercise group: As the name describes, this group didn’t workout.

When compared the samples from the above groups,  it is found that men in all exercise groups had improved sperm quality across all measures, while the control group didn’t show the same. The biggest improvements were shown by the MICT exercise group after completing the 24-week programme. Researchers stated that the group will also maintain these benefits for longer. While, compared to the control group, those following MICT had:

  • 8.3 percent more semen volume,
  • 12.4 percent higher sperm motility,
  • 17.1 percent improved sperm cell shape/morphology,
  • 14.1 percent more concentrated sperm, and
  • 21.8 percent more sperm cells on average.

“Our results show that doing exercise can be a simple, cheap and effective strategy for improving sperm quality in sedentary men,” said Behzad Hajizadeh Maleki, lead author of the study.

In addition, if you are suffering from sexual problems like low drive, erectile dysfunction or sperm low count, then a recent study suggest that undergoing testosterone therapy can significantly help treating the problems. It stated that the male sex hormone is responsible for sex drive and proper functioning of sexual organs. As we age, the levels of testosterone also decline which causes sexual problems and change in sexual desire.

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