London Mayor, Sadiq Khan plans to ban all junk food ads on transport network

According to city hall announcement, the entire of transport network for London could ban the junk food advertising ads from this year onwards. Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London says he wants to deal with the problem of childhood obesity in the city that has been acting as a time bomb.

If the permission is granted for this purpose, all the small and big advertisements of junk food and drink will get summoned on the London transport network both overground and underground, bus stands, and buses as well.

This concept is authorized by the child health experts to take a stand. The advertising association says they might face a little impact on their sales.

Lilli Matson, the strategist and the director of the TfL says, advertising for food and drinks had been earning quite a living and have earned their estate on this basis by making a huge audience.

She is standing with the initiative taken by the mayor to make the city a healthier place for children and adults.

Sadiq Khan is making efforts to minimize the pressure that is put on children and families to make unhealthy choices.

He also said, he has made his mind to keep no stone unturned to deal with this problem. He is here to do everything he can do with the help his people stay healthy of powers and position that are given by the people of London to him.

The Mayor is going to help his people to take on the healthier eating habits and make choices that can keep them fit and active. This is the only agenda why he is working so hard to ban the food advertising ads on the transport network across the city.

Mr. Khan plans to ban all food advertisements of food rich in salt, fat, and sugar. He is subjecting to remove all sorts of food delicacies ads filled with unhealthy components to help fight obesity in children.

According to a spokesperson from the London mayor’s office regarding the ban, everyone is going to be affected from the biggest to the smallest fast-food chain. The products will get accessed in contrast to the nutrient profiling model established by the food standards agency.

The fast-food companies can choose the healthier options like salads, bottled water, etc instead of fries, burgers and fizzy drinks. They can easily switch to the healthier mode of selling food to get back to the business without getting affected.


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