Local photographers click the first super moon of the year

The start of the year 2018 began with a rare version of super moon that was witnessed by people all over the world. As described by NASA, super moon light up the dark night sky as it approaches close to the Earth. The phenomenon is described as Perigree. A few tidbits of the supermoon were shared by the American space agency NASA on Twitter. It has also been dubbed as the “wolf moon.”

This was the first supermoon of the year and it definitely took the skygazers breath away. Many people, who witnessed the supermoon, shared the pictures of this rare event online at various social media sites. About four weeks prior to the occurrence of the supermoon, a “cold moon” supermoon rose in the evening on December 3. The New Year marked the day for two of the three supermoons one after the other which has been dubbed by NASA as the “Supermoon trilogy.”

On the New Year’s Day, the supermoon was the closest to the Earth out of the three. It was also one of the brightest. However, the cloudy night obstructed the view at many places. Twiterratis posted various pictures of the picturesque supermoon from numerous angles on different parts of the globe. This isn’t the actual super moon awaited by the skygazers. The night of 31st January 2018 shall mark the day when the “blue moon blood moon supermoon” shall shine high in the sky. It will also mark the first lunar eclipse of the year. People belonging to the west coast of North America along with sky watchers from the Pacific Ocean region shall be able to view the phenomenon. However, the east coast side of North America shall only be able to see a partial lunar eclipse. This event occurs only once in every two and a half years.

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