Lizard found on Mars is evidence of extraterrestrial life, claim alien hunters

In an attempt to find evidence of life on Mars, alien hunters have discovered lizard on the Martian surface. The remarkable discovery was made while scanning the image captured by the NASA Curiosity rover which is scanning the Red Planet in search of water and life.

The lizard present in the image could also be a horned reptile or some kind of species, claims alien seekers. Alien hunter Joseph White from ArtAlienTV that constantly posts about aliens and UFO sightings has led to the discovery. The lizard which also could be a rock is very small, less than an inch in height.

White says that it can be frozen fossil of an ancient animal which suggests that aliens lived on the Red Planet in the past.

“Perhaps it was frozen and preserved when the atmosphere was destroyed,” said White. “It could be just an oddly shaped rock but when you look at all the other things I have found like huge buildings and animal skulls then practically anything is possible.”

Lizard found on Mars is evidence of extraterrestrial life, claim alien hunters

Aliens hunters have found over 100 mysterious objects on the Mars that hint towards alien life and some of them will actually boggle your mind and make you believe that extraterrestrial life do exist.

Also, it is not the first time that lizard like structure has been spotted on the Martian surface. Previously, renowned alien hunter UFO Sightings Daily had found lizard on Mars in 2013.

“This is not the first animal found on Mars, actually there have been about 10-15 to date,” Mr Scott Warring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily. “I even found a rock that moved four times in four photos…then vanished on the fifth.”

Conspiracy theorists believe that aliens do live on Mars and the US space agency NASA knows about it but still they are hiding it from us.

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