A live bomb was found in the S8 coach of Gondwana Express train that runs between Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi. After the train left the Jabalpur station at around 1500 hrs, a passenger informed the railway officials about an unclaimed baggage lying in his coach. The officials then quickly responded to it and stopped the train at the Sihora station to diffuse that low-intensity bomb lying in the bag.

The bomb squad was called to defuse the bomb, and then the train resumed its journey. However, the train was again stopped at the Bina Malkhedi station in the Sagar district for a complete security check. Police officials said that the CCTV footages will be examined to see who has put the bag inside the train.

Director General of Government Railway Police, Madhya Pradesh, Matlisharan Gupt said “No arrests have been made, but we have got some leads and are working on it. The recovery of explosives might be part of a large conspiracy. But right now, it is too early to say anything about it. We can’t draw any conclusions at this juncture. Our quick investigation and response team (QIRT) is on the job.”

The bomb was probably placed there for the train to catch fire, and the entire country is thankful to that man for reporting about that unclaimed bag.

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