Like biologists, Mathematics is off-putting for physicists too: Study Reveals

Like biologists, Mathematics is off-putting for physicists too: Study Reveals

Mathematics is the subject that most people find objectionable and the physicists are also no exceptional. We all know, physics without the idea of advanced mathematics is simply impossible. But a recently conducted study reveals that even physicists also avoid problems that have jam-packed with mathematics. In spite of being trained in advanced math and their formulas, most physicists prevent the arithmetic when it comes to explaining them.

A recent study published in The New Journal of Physics stated that physicists lack interest to the mathematically crammed theories. The study said, most physicists pass up the theories that are packed with the problems of mathematics. Two researchers – Tim Fawcett and Andrew Higginson, from the University of Exeter, led the study and examined the certifications in 2,000 articles in a top physics diary and concluded that theories are less preferable by the physicists if they encompass hordes of mathematical equations on each page.

The study suggests that there are factual and extensive hurdles to explain the theories chock-a-block with mathematics, and even physicists also afraid of the maths. However, this is not because of proper education in mathematical dexterity, but it is a social stigma that made people afraid maths.

On this matter, when asked, Dr Higginson said, “we already have found that mathematics is scary for the biologists and most biologists avoid the mathematical equations, but we were taken aback by finding the physicists also panicky to mathematics. Physicists are generally trained and talented in maths, but our research report suggested most of the physicists pass up theories packed with math equations”.

This is a significant matter because it shows the possibility of detachment between arithmetical hypothesis and investigational work. This also presents a possible mammoth obstruction to all kinds of scientific development.

According to Dr Fawcett, another lead researcher of the study, our study shows the disconnecting between arithmetical theories and experimental researches and so physicists need to think about their skill of representing mathematical details in their work more seriously. They need to pick the tricks of mathematics in such a way that can enable them to present their theory in a more understandable manner.

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