According to the Scientist, by 2030, we can find out the first second of life in our universe, by studying its photons.

Scientists find out that the photons are trapped inside the hard matter of the universe. And through successful research, by 2030, we can know the first second in the life of our universe. World’s renowned physicist and gravitational waves expert Kips S. Throne is busy with this research.

During a lecture on ‘exploring the universe through gravitational waves’, Mr throne said that the photons are trapped by the hard matter of the universe and are capable of bringing in information about the origin of the Universe.

In the next 15 years, the scientists are expecting to open four new observatories which will detect the gravitational waves at various oscillation frequencies. This research will bring new edges about the early universe. Through LIGO-India project, the most advanced technologies will be shared with the Indian scientist. These technologies will help to detect the actual history of the universe.

It is important to note that Quantum information science, Quantum cryptography, and Quantum computing have emerged from the LIGO research labs in India. LIGO-India labs are expected to play the most vital role in this research. The actual research center for gravitational waves will be LIGO-labs itself.

Ever since, the development of science, scientists are trying to figure out the history of Universe. Some could progress a bit, while others couldn’t. But the history of Universe is still a mystery. Scientists and physicists from India have dedicated themselves to find out the first second of life on the universe. And by 2030, some positive results are expected. Till then, the scientists and physicists are working their way to solve the mystery. The LIGO-India labs are expected to bring some interesting news to the public, very soon.

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  • James Baker

    This project will not detect alien life as the title claims.