Moderate exercise during pregnancy deters gestational diabetes and weight gain

Moderate exercise prevent gestaional diabetes and weight gain during pregnancy

In a new finding, researchers have revealed that light exercises during pregnancy can protect from gestational diabetes as well as can prevent weight gain. Women those who have high blood sugar level during pregnancy are called gestational diabetic. These days gestational diabetes has become one of the most frequent complication during pregnancy and is generally linked with preterm birth, caesarean birth, hypertension, pre-eclampsia, etc.

According to a research team from Spain some light exercises can keep gestational diabetes and its complications at bay. For the research, study authors enrolled healthy pregnant women. Some women did little exercise and some did not. After analysing the data, researchers found a reduction of nearly 30 percent risk of gestational diabetes for women who exercised throughout their pregnancy.  The risk was further reduced for women who combined toning, strength, flexibility and aerobic exercise. Researchers also observed a cut in weight gain for women who exercised regularly. According to the study authors, women who exercised during pregnancy weighed 1 kg lighter than those who did not exercise.

Lead author Gema Sanabria- Martinez, from Virgen de la Luz Hospital, said that pregnant women hesitate exercising may be due to the fear of baby getting hurt. However, Sanabria suggested that women should not be afraid of exercise during pregnancy as moderate exercises have positive results and are safe for both baby and mother.

Moreover, Mike Marsh, Deputy Editor-in-chief of BJOG said, previous studies have suggested that exercises in pregnancy are only effective if the pregnant lady does it regularly or it doesn’t reflect any positive result. He further added that the study has given new insight in better understanding the effect of exercises during pregnancy and eventually will help doctors in prescribing exercises to pregnant ladies.

The study appeared in the journal BJOG.

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  • I’m of the firm belief that curing diabetes is a simple yet complicated process, as in we are probably close enough to know what we need to do, but we’re still stuck on the “how”. Look at any diabetes treatment program (Diabetes protocol was just given a FANTASTIC review: ) , and the reviews regardless of how detailed show the same trend: Diet, Exercise, and how our body reacts to certain nutrients. We’re regrowing rat limbs in labs and getting closer and closer to insane life spans. We can figure it out.

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