Alien drone spotted on Mars surface indicates about an ancient Martian civilization

In a new Martian image, a crashed alien drone has been spotted on the surface of the Red Planet. This indicates the Mars was explored by alien species in ancient times. The image, taken by a NASA rover showed an ancient drone abandoned on the Martian surface. This proof of an Alien drone present on Mars supports the theory proposed by US-based plasma physicist John Brandenburg regarding the presence of an ancient civilization on Mars that had a cruel and terrible ending.

Prof. Brandenburg strongly believes that the Martian civilization left many archeological relics on Mars that indicate that the aliens once roamed the Red Planet. According to Prof. Brandenburg, a nuclear war occurred on Mars almost half a billion years ago, that resulted in mass killing and end of a Martian civilization.

Brandenburg’s theory claims that long ago, a mass attack by an aggressive group of aliens from another planet wiped out the Martian civilization. What left were only the weapons on drones that were used in the war. Now, a YouTube channel named Paranormal Crucible has uploaded a video that features a drone-like object on Mars. The Ufologists are now claiming that the mysterious drone-like object parked on the surface of Mars is the ultimate evidence of an ancient civilization that existed on Mars.

The Ufologists have now connected the crashed alien drone found on Mars to the theory suggested by Prof. Brandenburg regarding the presence of archaeological relics on the Martian surface. Paranormal Crucible said that the anomaly which appears to be the result of intelligent design was photographed by the rover as it surveyed the area around rock nest at Gale Crater. He added that in his opinion the mysterious object is an extraterrestrial drone that was possibly built by the indigenous Martian populace or perhaps it was deployed by alien species of a different world who were exploring the Martian surface.

“This object was found a few years back, but I will be re-visiting some old discoveries and shedding new light on what they could actually be,” stated Paranormal Crucible. Well, Mars has been the main target of scientists here on Earth. They want to know whether Mars was habitable long ago. So, this drone-like object spotted on Martian surface can be a good evidence to prove that aliens explored Mars in ancient days.

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