LG rolls out Android 7.0 Nougat update for LG G5


LG has always been a promising and customer satisfying brand for the smartphone lovers. This time the company has something new and exciting for its customers as a treat before Christmas, as it has got Android 7.0 Nougat update to LG G5 users.

There are only a couple of smartphones that have received this update; it’s quite surprising that LG has brought it so early. Although LG has directly introduced this update to its mobile handset  LG V20 users previously this year. But now, G5 users can also enjoy this update in no time when the update is available. Users will be notified of the update on their Smartphone. But No such good luck for the G5 users globally, as the company has decided to launch it in its home country, South Korea for now. Perhaps Europeans have to wait for some more weeks including UK and US, as the company ensures.

Android 7.0 Nougat  is the latest and the greatest version of Google’s mobile operating system. Nougat- the name has been derived from the theme of dessert-inspired names.

There are a few attachments to be made to the nougat update, such as in-apps feature and Multi-Window view, where you can switch apps with a double tap,  you can be at two places side by side for example texting while watching a movie, etc. More personalised settings and smarter notifications are to be installed for the customers to have more productivity with less effort and less time.

The 7.0 Android nougat update was about to be launched today, i.e., 8th of November 2016, Tuesday.

At LG, we know our customers want the best, most up-to-date mobile experience, said by Kim Hyung-jung, senior vice president and head of LG mobile research and development.

“Getting the best software updates to our customers faster than the competition is on our way of demonstrating that LG is committed to supporting our products and customers to ensure they have a positive ownership experience” he added.

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