LG G6 Will Sport Moto Display-Like Feature: New Image Leaked

LG G6 Leaked Image, Front and Rear

There have been a lot of rumours regarding the availability and specifications of LG G6. Joining the spree and confirming that the smartphone will feature a bezel-less display, 9to5Google leaked new images of the handset which suggest that the LG G6 (silver colour model) will be getting a refreshed UX 6.0 that is optimised for the new display. It also shows that the phone will come with round corners with an aspect ratio of 18:9.

It showcases the same phone which was earlier seen in the leaks, however, this time it shows the smartphone displaying time, date, and the preview of other notifications on a black screen, similar to the Moto Display feature.

Previously, LG shared a teaser which indicated the launch of this latest innovation on the eve of the February 26 event in Barcelona. The teaser also focused on the ‘reliability’ feature of the smartphone. The South Korean company claims that G6 will overcome all the flaws regarding the reliability feature and will provide a smartphone with trustworthy reliability.

LG has always been an efficient player in the smartphone market, but due to certain flaws, the pace of this South Korean company was a bit low, but with the latest smartphone G6, it is expected that LG will soon regain its market space with the attractive features of the smartphone.

The company had confirmed regarding the option of Quad DAC for G6. Again with the smart decision of using Snapdragon 821 chipset coupled with 4GB of RAM, it proved that G6 is going to the first of its own kind. The Snapdragon 821 chipset was highly rumoured with the Samsung’s upcoming devices, but until April there are no chances of any Samsung’s device to feature the chipset.

Citing the earlier leaks, it could be touted that the smartphone will be fronted with a 5.7-inch QHD display and featured with 32GB storage (base variant) and 3200mAh battery. At the back panel, a fingerprint scanner, dual-camera setup with LED flash, will be placed.

Apart from all these information, LG announced that it is going to use a promotional strategy under which the Smartphone will be made available to 210 users. Various contests are running over social media to select the users, to whom the Smartphone will be provided at a free of cost.  This promotional strategy has been applied to get important feedbacks from the customers. But unfortunately, this contest is limited up to the South Korean market.

It is also expected that LG will fix its boot loop issue, which had hampered its previous devices like LG V20 and LG G4. All the information regarding the price and its specifications will be revealed at MWC.

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