Lenovo mocks iPhone 7 with Moto Z campaign “SkiptheSevens”

Skip the seven - Motorola

The 2016 iPhone models of Apple Inc. – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus needs no introduction. Apple couple of days back introduced both flagships with the market and the shipping of the models are still in the pipeline. But several factors are found in the iPhone editions of 2016 which lead Apple for severe criticism. While a few days back, Samsung condemned Apple for ditching the 100-years-old 3.5 mm audio jack, recently, another smartphone company Lenovo poked fun at Apple for introducing the design in its iPhone 7 akin to the existing Moto Z smartphone.

Lenovo, the Chinese conglomerate has published a new ad campaign in which targets two recently launched smartphones – Galaxy Note 7 and the iPhone 7. In the ad campaign, Lenovo tries to motivate consumers for buying a Moto Z instead of aforesaid and expensive flagships of Apple and Samsung.

To drive this campaign, Lenovo has published a full-page advertisement in New York Times that ran earlier today. In the ad, Lenovo found to support consumers to buying new models with fewer prices rather than going the same designer models of iPhone 7 and Galaxy Note 7. In the ad, it states that “go for something new, something different.”

But here the question arises – Why? Because the Moto Z doesn’t concentrate on incremental changes but instead is a complete re-imagination of what a smartphone ought to be.

Following the hard attack through New York Times, people started posting the snaps of the mouth-opening ad of Lenovo on Twitter. However, the time will only say who will beat the heat of the market with their smartphones and how far this anti-iPhone campaign of Lenovo will go.

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