Lenovo Yoga A12 is a futuristic Android Tablet at affordable price that starts @ $299

Lenovo Knocks Down ‘Yoga A12’ 2-In-1 Android Tablet, Pricing Starts @ $299

Lenovo, the Chinese Multinational has introduced the upgraded and affordable edition of its popular Yoga Book. Named as “Lenovo Yoga A12”, the convertible tablet is tagged with the starting price of $299 (Approximately Rs. 20, 000). From today, the 2-in-1 Android Tablet will be available exclusively via Lenovo’s online retailing platform. With the jingle of “Tablet Made for Productivity”, the Yoga A12 is the affordable version of the premium Yoga Book (Review) 2-in-1.

Lenovo’s latest flagship is an Android device that seems a more laptop rather than a tablet, all thanks to the elite features and refined specifications. Despite the general tablet functions, Yoga A12 is also integrated with a large touch-panel keyboard, instead of the hard keyboard, which is quite exceptional. Lenovo has dubbed this new touch-sensitive keyboard as “Halo Keyboard”, and this keyboard is the reason why Yoga A12 is extremely lightweight and ultra-slim.

According to Lenovo, Halo keyboard is the upgraded virtual version of the standard keyboard. It is basically a smooth ‘touch panel’ which delivers more accurate typing than the conventional keyboards. In addition to this high-end keyboard, Lenovo Yoga A12 is also integrated with a surface called “Create Pad”. The Create pad allows users to draw on the lower half of the laptop for pen writing and drawing. It also has a “Real pen” which is capable of being used as ink pen and stylus. As said by the parental company, the Real Pen is capable of offering 2,048 pressure levels and 100-degree angle detection.

Apart from these exclusive specs, Lenovo’s latest flagship is also packed with multiple upgraded features. Measuring 5.4mm and weighing less than one kilogramme, Lenovo claimed its latest device as “world’s slimmest and thinnest tablet.” In the front panel, it flaunts a 12.2-inch HD screen. Under the hood, it is powered by Intel Atom x5 processor coupled with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Lenovo Yoga A12 also features multitasking Android hybrid UI and pre-installed Google productivity suite apps, which makes it a dynamic companion for digital use.

In addition to this, the device is also integrated with two speakers and Dolby Atmos, which are claimed to deliver best sound quality to the music lovers. With two color variants like Gunmetal Grey and Rose Gold, the tablet also supports four different modes via the 360-degree Yoga hinge. With an aluminum and magnesium build, the device exhibits smooth design and touch-screen buttons. As per the claims made by Lenovo, its latest Yoga A12 can keep its lights on up to 13 hours on a single charge.

The auction of Lenovo Yoga A12 will be starting from today, only on Lenovo’s official website – With the starting price of  $299USD, the is said to be a perfect and affordable digital companion for tech-savvy people.

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