Lenovo aims to get top position in Indian PC marketplace

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With a tech-savvy people on the board, the tech economy of India is exploding over the years. With the rising sales volume of smartphone and another computing embellishment along with the mounting power of IT advancements, Indian marketplace has created an ultimate venture edge for global companies and Lenovo one of the highest developing tech organizations to put resources into Indian digital market.

Lenovo, the Chinese Conglomerate with its top-of-the-line products has created its own significance in global tech realm and India its footstep is quite notable. While with an array of smartphone and laptop flagships, the Chinese giant is kept on overwhelming the Indian users, and now the company targets to acquire the crown rank in Indian PC arena. After creating its prominent status in the smartphone market, Lenovo is stepping towards creating an influential position and grab the top rank in Indian Tech Bazaar.

Today while announcing a new lineup of PCs powered by the seventh generation of Intel processors, Lenovo termed India as the best place to make the investment. The newly launched list includes notebooks, 2-in-1s, and a gaming laptop and is priced between Rs 17,490 to Rs 1, 28,090.

Titling India as a super vital business sector, Chinese tech monster Lenovo in the official event said that it is now completely focusing on strengthening its root in Indian PC market. With intellectual investments and wise steps, the company is trying its best on getting the top position in India in next couple of years. Now, Lenovo is ranked on the third niche in Indian PC market holding 16.1% shares, following HP and Dell.

As per the Quarter reports of June this year, HP with 28.4% is leading the queue, while Dell with 22.2% and Lenovo with 16.1% are following it. As said by Lenovo, in coming few years, the company will board on the top position of the PC market holding the highest amount of shares. As announced by the spokesperson of Lenovo, when the Indian market was flat, we kept on growing, and with this motivation, we soon will land on the zenith title.

On this matter, Mr. Rajesh Thadani, Lenovo India Head and Executive Director Consumer, online and e-commerce said that we want to be the best in Indian PC market. We are on our ways to grab the shares from others and acquire the crown and soon it will be turned into reality.

He further added that the company is aggressively advancing its retail presence in the country and is planning to introduce new PCs and workstation to Indian clients.  As reported by IDC, a tech market research firm, Lenovo sold out 2.14 million units of PC in the April-June 2016 quarter and witnessed a quarter-on-quarter growth of 7.2% in comparison to the declined shipment of 2.2% in the same quarter of previous year. Now the company is hoping to drive more hikes in sale and shipment in upcoming quarters.

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