Leaked files reveal the US government had tested and stored ‘unknown material’ from alien spaceship wreck

Leaked files reveal the US government had tested and stored 'unknown material' from alien spaceship wreck

Scientists have been following signals, sightings, and appearances supposedly paid by Aliens, however, there is no concrete proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. But what if these aliens were real? What if the sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) were real? A UFO research group has leaked highly-confidential files belonging to the Government of the United States or Army to the Internet which made some striking revelation about the materials founded. The papers as quoted by a major news website were written between 2007 and 2012 classifying the materials found due to extraterrestrial sightings and UFOs. The paper elaborates that these ‘unknown’ materials have been tested and currently stored in a private facility thereby keeping everything under wrap.

It is not the first time when the United States Government or Army has been alleged of hiding valuable information such as the Apollo Moon Landing, the shape of the Earth, etc. According to the papers, some unknown materials were found across the United States which were recovered. It could be potential alien crash sites leaving the unknown material as wreck which is then supplied to the Department of Defence (DoD) which in turn, stores it in private and confidential facility. These revelations also hint towards the total expenditure of £16 million invested by DoD towards UFO budget to the private company ‘Bigelow Aerospace’ based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The files that were leaked recently had quoted that Bigelow Aerospace has been modified as a storage area where these materials can be stored without any hassle.

According to a former NASA employee, James Oberg stated that the Government of the army may not be directly involved with the Bigelow, however, there are chances that the latter contracted UFO research groups who would search and provide details on such sightings to Bigelow and then, the latter would inform the DoD about it. On the flip side, a former UFOs investigator for British Ministry of Defence stated that the material found can be mistaken as something not from Earth. He further explained that when a former or someone notices a UFO-like strange sighting and then finds any material alongside, he/she could mistakenly assume it to be from the UFO as well.

In a different story, enthusiasts have found what is said to be a UFO in the Arizona desert. The group revealed that they found the photos of that strange structure black in color in the Arizona Desert near deciduous trees. Many Ufologists have claimed that it could be a potential alien spaceship. In the pictures shown by Google Maps, there is a black spot over the structure which is a well-known trick used by governments to hide something from the satellites and it has happened in many instances.

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