Xiaomi has been very vocal about the reason they are reluctant to bring their true flagship phones to the Indian market as they would be too expensive to sell. Xiaomi follows a strategy of one flagship per year which leaves a lot of tough decisions to be taken care of. Last year, the Mi 5 made the cut, but this year the Mi 6 didn’t. Instead, Xiaomi chose the unconventional Mi Mix 2 as its 2017 flagship representative, and the rest is history.

The main reason behind introducing Mi Mix 2 in India is because Xiaomi wanted people to know that it is more than just the Redmi line-up, explained Jai Mani, lead product manager for Xiaomi India in an exclusive interview with India Today Tech. It isn’t a surprise that Redmi line-up has brought a lot of business for Xiaomi, but it’s evident that this Chinese company isn’t just about this.

Apart from phones, Xiaomi is a manufacturer of laptops, power banks, and ecosystem products such as pens to suitcases. No brand is understood completely, some know them for their major contribution and some of the smaller ones. People know Xiaomi for Redmi, and some are aware of the fact that they manufacture ecosystem products like an umbrella.

Last year was all about keeping it subtle and affordable with the launch of Mi 5 in India during early April 2016. The outcome of the launch wasn’t satisfactory pertaining to the fact that Xiaomi launched only the 32 gigs based model here in India and to top it all the price was a whopping Rs 24,999.

Now the year 2017 is a platform to show the capability of Xiaomi to make a breakthrough with devices at accessible prices. The Mi Mix 2 is a classic example of the same. Standing tall at a price of Rs36,000, Mi Mix 2 is the best bet at its price. This particular phone is Xiaomi’s most expensive phone to be launched in India to date. With the features it provides, it takes no Sherlock to know that the Mi Mix 2 is sure to be an expensive phone.

Previous year’s Mi Mix was a work of art, and Xiaomi marked it as a concept phone. Mi Mix was called a concept phone because it was all about an all-around user experience. The manufacturing process and technologies implemented in Mi Mix was the latest back then as it wasn’t in use in any phone back then.

Mi Mix is the one that started the trend of all screen and no bezel smartphone. If you are someone who wants the best and is looking for a collector’s edition phone that is worth the investment, go for Mi Mix 2. Gorgeous looks, respectable screen, outstanding all-around performance and a long-lasting battery is what you get with this high-end phone. The camera could have been a bit better at this price range.

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