Landslide kills 11 in Indonesia

indonesia landslide

Indonesia: A landslide on Friday night destroyed a village named Java, on Indonesia’s main island. According to sources, this heavy destruction almost killed almost 11 people and 108 are still being searched for, officials said on Saturday.
Hundreds of rescuers that included local police force, military, and some local volenteers were searching for those missing bare hands through mud and rain in Jemblung, Banjarnegara, central Java that in only 450 km from the capital of country, Jakarta. Heavy rainfall further created problem for their rescue mission.

As per the facts, landslide and mudslides are quite common in Indonesia during the monsoon season from October to April.
According to national disaster agencies survey around 50% of the country’s 250 million population lives in regions prone to earthquake and landslides.
“At the moment eight people have been found dead and we are still looking for 100 unaccounted for” Sutopo Purowo Nugroho, spokesperson of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency said.
He further continued “Conditions on the ground are pretty tough and we need heavy machines to clear the road that has been covered by the landslide.”
People and government were not even able to co-ordinate with each other as officers complained that there was no network in that region.
Many agencies are there to help out the people, one of the agency official told that there are 200 rescuers and 500 volunteers had joined their hands with the search operation.
A few years ago a disastrous tsunami hit the country and hence thousands of people shed their lives. It cost the country in thousands of billions of dollar but unfortunately the country has not even recovered properly, that another disaster captured Indonesian people in its arm.

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