Kumar’s face won’t win him elections: Union Minister Giriraj Singh

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Taking a dig at Nitish Kumar, Union Minister Giriraj Singh said that Nitish Kumar is not Akshay  Kumar that he will win for granted.

Giriraj Singh was addressing a party meeting when he claimed that these elections won’t be caste based elections even though Lalu and Nitish desire for the same.

According to Singh, Lalu and Kumar are trying to make the upcoming election of caste against caste but he said with sheer confidence that this year the election will be based on Janmat.

Lalu had claimed that he is ready to face any problem and drink all sorts of poison and that he is determined to crush the hood of the snake of communalism. After much contemplations and debates, Lalu had put forth Kumar’s name for the leader of alliance against BJP in Bihar.

Singh hover said that if Lalu had claimed that their union is a poison, and then I believe that it is a poison that they are forced to drink with the fear of BJP.

Union Minister also criticized Lalu for his foul promises to people and not fulfilling them

Citing the fact that Nitish had claimed that he would never go back to the electorate if he failed to get power in every house in Bihar but now he has openly stepped back from his promise.

According to Singh, the only reason why Kumar became CM for the second time was due to his association with BJP.

He added that developments happened only with NDA and the day BJP separated, the graph in health, infrastructure all went down and now the criminals have the audacity to hold darbar in jail.

Singh also accused the state for a major scam by saying that state brought only 19 lakh metric ton of paddy whereas 1500 lakh metric ton of paddy is produced.

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