Korean Chaebol spoiled brat gets a yearlong jail

ex-executive of Korean Airways Cho Hyun-ah tecake

The ex-executive of Korean Airways, Cho Hyun-ah, faces trial and a punishment of one year in jail because of her inappropriate behavior during a flight. She has been alleged to have attacked a flight attendant who served her some nuts in a bag rather than a bowl.

She has also been charged against obstruction of flight, delaying it by 11 minutes, affecting pilot’s performance, change of flight schedule and path. Although she is pleading guilty for the other charges, but she is not feeling any remorse over her attacking the attendant.

The poor flight attendant has been asserted to hide facts like physical assaults by Cho if she didn’t want to lose her job. “She behaved like a beast that found its prey, gritting its teeth as she became abusive, not listening to what I had to say at all.” Park Chang-jin, the chief steward said.

Cho isn’t feeling guilty as she said that the reason she did that was because they were travelling in First class and the attendant didn’t treat them according to that, so she was just teaching her a lesson on how to behave around with the first class passengers. She went on to add that she was only trying to correct her because she cannot have slackers providing services.

The chaebols or the elite business class of South Korea are said to be immune by legal charges but this case has gotten every person’s eye on them and hence there is a very less chance of Cho getting Scott-free from this case.

Many Chaebols have been rumored to have been pardoned because of the political influence they held over the South Korean economy, but no such indirect threats have been working since August 2010 and record are being broken to serve justice. Hence it won’t be a shocker if the spoiled lady gets to learn a lesson from this.

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