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Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal joins hand in a protest tomorrow against Land Acquisition Ordinance. The government is anyways in haphazard and now with Kejriwal and Hazare coming together again, they might face some more problems. The duo has planned to sit on a Dharna on Tuesday, at the Jantar Mantar. This time though, the trouble will increase for the government, since Kejriwal is no ordinary man anymore, after his landslide victory, he is now the CM of Delhi.

“How can you take away land without farmer’s consent. India is an agricultural country. The government must think about the farmers. The land ordinance is undemocratic,” Hazare said. He also said that “ache din” have only arrived for the corporates and not for everyone and portrayed Modi’s government, equivalent to the British’s colonial rule that made India its slave.

This Dharna is based on the land acquisition ordinance that will allow the government to relocate the farmers and take away their lands. Anna announced the Dharna on Monday, which coincidently coincided with the budgetary session.

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Although President Mukherjee has said that the farmers will be given the priority, and there are benefits for them, the Anna-Arvind duo has said that there will be loopholes and then there will be “dirty politics” and hence the promises cannot be trusted. Besides, no government should have the right to snatch away a property that is the hard earned income of someone.

Kejriwal and Hazare had parted ways when Kejriwal had decided to form a political party. But now the social activist has been spotted praising Kejriwal and at the same time portraying PM Narendra Modi as the evil man who is keen on taking away the lands of the poor. Although when asked about Kiran Bedi and Kejriwal, Anna said that he’d like to stay away from the “dirty politics”.

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