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Key must-known facts about the earning of Tesla Motors: Investors pay attention

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On Wednesday, the second quarter result of Tesla Moters Inc. has announced one year before the company is planning to release its budget sedan Model 3 to market. The production process of Model 3 is on its battery development stage and expected to come to the floor in next year.

However, after releasing of its first quarter result, there are several factors raised which every investor of Tesla Motors should know. These factors are worth checking at the time of the next quarter economic report launch of Tesla. Have a look:

Profits and EPS

In the recently announced Q1 report of Tesla, the company is found to have 89% sale growth and so is expected to get a significant hike in its forthcoming Q2. As predicted, the upcoming quarter of Tesla will make approximately 36% hike, which is around $ 1.63 billion from the year-ago quarter result. For the second Quarter of Tesla’s non-GAAP EPS, it is a little bit tricky to guess the figure of its income or turnover. With the launch of Model 3, it’s hard to predict how fast or slow the revenue of the company will move.

Updates of Model 3

Apart from income and EPS, Model 3 update is another essential consideration factor of Tesla. Before the release of Model 3, it is pretty hard to figure out what impact it will bring to the market revenue of the company. Coming with about a half price of the current model of Tesla – Model S & X – Mode 3 of Tesla will cost $35,000.

Prediction of vehicle delivery

It is the last essential consideration factor for the investors of Tesla. As Tesla has shipped around 29,190 units in 2016, the shipping figure is expected to boost in coming year. The prediction says Tesla will be able to deliver minimum 50, 000 units in its next quarter.

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