Kejriwal’s second oath ceremony, high expectations of Delhi

Kejriwal at oath ceremony tecake

Arvind Kejriwal won the Delhi elections for the second time and now is all set to take his oath for the second time in Ramlila Maidan on 14th February.

Arvind Kejriwal’s previous government lasted 49 days but now the man has come out stronger and he intends to be right on the place where he left things unsettled. He has promised to hit back with full swing and making Delhi a safer place for women. He will also cut 50% off in electricity charges, making it an easier accommodation for the people of Delhi.

He also intends to make Delhi corruption free for which he has introduced a helpline in which people can report corrupt officials and submit evidence against them so that they can be dealt with effectively and in less time. Kejriwal is also trying to get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed in order to bring in a strong anti-corruption community where they can keep a check on corrupt officials and politicians.

Kejriwal’s second victory has shown that Delhi’s trust in AAP is still intact and they are ready to give it a second chance. Kejriwal has also said that earlier he lagged the support but now since he has a proper party and their support, now he will show corruption the gate to hell.

He has occupied some major duties on which he personally will keep a check and they include home, power and finance. He assigned Education, PWD and Urban Development to his second in command and deputy Manish Sisiodia.

Ramlila Maidan is expected to get over thousands of viewers and a seating arrangement for at least 40,000 people has been made and around 20,000 people standing area has also been made so that they can view Kejriwal take the oath.

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