Kejriwal after AAP MLA arrested: ‘Modi declares emergency in Delhi’,

saturday police allegedly arrested-misbehaving mohaniya slapping

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal accused PM Narendra Modi of imposing “emergency” in the region after Dinesh Mohaniya, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA was arrested by police on Saturday.

Kejriwal tweeted, “Modi declares emergency in Delhi. Arresting, raiding, terrorizing, filing false cases against all those whom Delhi elected.”

The AAP’s official Facebook page reads:

When was the Last time a democratically elected Office bearer was taken away from an ongoing Press Conference like this?
MLA Dinesh Mohaniya arrested from his Press Conference in front of all TV cameras;his crime is that he is an “AAP MLA”

Today being a rapist like BJP Union Minister Nihal Chand,being a friend of Dawood like BJP Minister Khadse or being a murderer’s accomplice like BJP MP Mahesh Girri is not a crime.
But any false and unproven allegation against an AAP Lawmaker becomes a crime.

Can Modi Ji dare to drag Sonia Gandhi like this in Augusta Westland scam or Robert Vadra in Land Scam?

All such acts prove that Modi Ji is scared of AAP & Arvind Kejriwal.
Why is the PM of India scared of CM of a half state?What is Modi Ji trying to conceal in the garb of all the false allegations and noise?

In an attempt to crush his opponents & hide his failures as the PM of India Mr Modi is creating an Emergency like situation in Delhi which appears to be worse than the emergency in 1975.

“Modi declares emergency in Delhi. Arresting, raiding, terrorising, filing false cases against all those whom Delhi elected,” Kejriwal also stated on his Facebook Page. “MLA Dinesh mohaniya arrested from his press conference in front of all TV cameras. What message does Modi want to give to everyone?”

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