Kejriwal government to install free Wi-Fi hotspots in East Delhi

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As promised before elections, the Kejriwal government is all set to roll out the free Wi-Fi Internet service in the East Delhi region. The Delhi government on Friday has announced that by the end of this year high-speed Wi-Fi zones in the East Delhi region at more than 500 locations. It will allow users to access free Internet within the daily limits.

The government further revealed that the Department of Information Technology (DIT) will carry out the implementation of the free Wi-Fi in Delhi, while the Public Works Department will carry out the laying of an optic fibre.

“The government has decided to lay down a common fibre-optic network across the city to make it possible for Delhiites to access the web in gigabit speed,” Dialogue and Development Commission (DCC) chairperson Ashish Khetan said during a press conference.

The government plans to soon float a tender for the services. “The tender will have details of free data usage limit. But at this point, I can say that the benchmark would be average data usage by an individual per day as defined by TRAI,” Mr. Khetan said.

These Wi-Fi access points will provide the benefit of free Internet to 1.2 lakh users at an instant. Mr. Khetan revealed that 3,000 more access points could be further installed if required.

He told in detail, about how the project will be executed, that the PWD will be responsible for the optic-fibre project, which is an essential pre-requisite for a smart city. Meanwhile, the ‘fibre to home’ project will enable the subscribers to browse the Internet with a bandwidth in gigabit/s.

“Such high-speed internet was imperative towards bringing definitive changes in the areas of education, health, power, water, public transport and security,” Mr. Khetan said.

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