Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 1st December 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Tanuja figures that Malaika drugged Rishi to get close to him

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The first scene of today’s Kasam… Tere Pyar Ki episode starts with Tanuja, she enters in Rishi’s room and tries to wake him up and get failed. But in state of intoxication, he looks at Tanuja and says, “Listen, I love you” and smiles, he continues his sentence by saying that she is looking very beautiful, when he saw her first time under a flickering bulb (He imagines Tanuja as Tannu) and says, “I still remember when your Dupatta touch my face.”

He expresses that he loves her the most in this entire world. While, Tanuja gets shocked when Rishi tells her that he loves her. She also accepts her hidden feelings but gets hurt, when she get to know that Rishi is talking about Tannu.  She makes Rishi sit on the bed and gets up to leave, he stops her and tells her that he loves her. He starts reminiscing about their moments together and Tanuja sits to listen happily. Tanuja, later, figures that Malaika drugged Rishi to get close to him and feels relieved. Rishi tries to rest on her lap and both promise to be with each other forever.

On other side, Malaika doesn’t finds her phone and get tensed. She calls Shekhar from landline in her room and tells him that her game is spoiled because of Tanuja and Raj. Meanwhile, Manpreet calls Raj and get to know that he is in Mount Abu and tells everything to his mother. Rano also understands that Raj is there just to meet Tanuja. She got tensed and calls Malaika to inform her.

Next morning, Raj sees Malaika in the resort and she got amazed by seeing Raj next to her. Raj asks her that what she is doing there. Malaika tries to make excuse and tells him that she is there for a business meeting. Raj asks her, not to pretend like an innocent girl in front of him because he knows that she is here to destroy Rishi and Tanuja’s honeymoon. Raj also warns her, not be even try to separate Rishi and Tanuja and advice her to stay away.

Meanwhile, Rishi wakes up and saw Tanuja sleeping and admires her beauty. But someone cracks the romantic scene and knocks their door and Tanuja wakes up. Rishi opens the door, and found Raj there. He pointed hair near Rishi’s shoulder and starts teasing him, which makes Rishi and Tanuja, blushing.

Let’s see what is going to happen in next episode. For more updates stay tune.

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