Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 9th December 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Rishi asks Tanuja for divorce

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Rishi gets to know that Raj was not there, but it is just his voice on video calling with Biji. Rishi drinks a lot in plenty of sorrow. Manpreet tries to stop him and tells him that drinking is not good. And tells him that Tanuja can’t do this as she is a pure soul, and she can’t cheat anyone. Manpreet tries to convince him by saying that it can be a misunderstanding but Rishi shows him Tanuja’s pregnancy reports. Manpreet tells him that perhaps the reports are wrong. But Rishi disagrees him and tells him that Tanuja’s name, face, blood is just a deception, and she never ever learned to faithfulness.

Rishi enters the room staggeringly and Tanuja tries to hold him but he pushes her back and orders her not to touch him but Tanuja still tries to drag him to bed. Rishi points to her belly and asks her that whose baby is this and who is included with her to play bluff with him. Rishi tells her that his heart is paining due to his deception. He also tells her that he is just a living corpse after the death of Tanu and never tried to love someone else in this period, but then she came and again his heart starts feeling and beating for her… naps while talking. Next morning Rishi wakes up and looks at Tanuja sleeping near him holding his hand, he tries to remove hair from her face and admires her beauty and tries to pull his hand slowly but suddenly remembers about her pregnancy and pulls his hand and walk off.

Malaika spreads marbles over stairs for taking revenge from Tanuja and get successful too. Tanuja slips from the stairs and falls on the floor. Rishi runs to grab her, meanwhile, after seeing marbles on the floor, he yells at Malaika for doing misdeeds with Tanuja. He grabs her in his arm and runs to the doctor.

Doctor takes her to the room and check her up and tells Rishi that she and her baby is alright and she have to be there for hours for proper examination. Rishi goes home, Rano yells at him and asks him to proof that he doesn’t care for Tanuja.

Tanuja reaches home as Rishi don’t go to the hospital to get her back. Rishi asks her she ever loved him even for a second,  and what she can do for his happiness. And Tanuja answers that she can do anything for him. Rishi holds her hand and takes her to the hall where everyone is gathered and Rishi asks her to sign the divorce papers for his happiness.

Let’s see does Tanuja signs divorce papers, is this the end of their love story or a new start of their destiny. Stay tuned to The TeCake for further updates

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