Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 30th November 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Malaika shouts on Tanuja

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The story is now taking an interesting turn, as Tannu sees Raj (Rishi’s father) was standing behind her and watching her crying, but Tanuja excuses him that she is crying because of the pain in her leg, but Raj rejects her excuse and tells her that he knows the difference between pain of leg and pain of heart.

Raj continues his statement by saying that he can smell the problem just by listening to her voice on phone, and he knows that she would not tell him anything so he came there to know what’s happening. He also said that no one cries without reason and her tears are not because of pain in the leg and she can’t hide her pain from him. He also asks her that, is it because of Rishi?

However, Tanuja declines him and said Rishi is taking her full care, so why he would make her cry, but Raj doesn’t get convinced and goes to reception to ask Rishi’s room number. Tanuja tries to stop him but Raj didn’t listen to her. Raj asks her that he doesn’t want to listen to anything out of her, which made Tanuja tensed.

Tanuja says that there is nothing like that, but Raj says that he will get to know it anyhow. Tanuja also reminds him of the fight and accepts the conflict, and try to convince him that it is sorted out now. However, Raj still doesn’t want to believe her and argues that how someone can fight with a girl like her. And asks while walking towards the room that why she is stopping him from going inside. Later, Tanuja regrets that why she can’t hide even small things.

In the next scene, Raj knocks the door, meanwhile, Malaika thinks that might be Tanuja is disturbing her and goes back to sleep. On the other hand, Raj continuously knocks the door. While Tanuja is praying to god that door should not be opened, so that Raj doesn’t come to know what’s happening inside.

Thinking that Tanuja is on the door, Malaika abuses her and goes off the bed but blanket got stuck with Rishi’s hand. At the other side of the door, Raj thinks that Rishi is not opening the door because of his anger and calls him on his phone. Tanuja snatches the phone and said that Rishi is not behind the doors and asks Raj that wouldn’t he trust his daughter. Raj gives a negative response to her and said that he knows that she is talking as Rishi’s wife.

He further added that he is not stupid and knows that Rishi is in the room. Tanuja replies that their conflict was because of the reason that Rishi went outside and shut the door from outside and that is why, she was standing in the lobby and the door is closed, hence, Rishi is not in the room.

Tanuja tries to convince Raj that they should check the other rooms and take rest otherwise, there would again be a conflict between her and Rishi.

Soon after Malaika opens the door but finds no one.

Raj says sorry to Tanuja for not believing her and not listening to her. Tanuja says don’t be sorry while Raj is getting into his room. Then after, Tanuja again goes to the room and knocks the door and Malaika opens the door and shouts on Tanuja and tries to shut the door. But Tanuja stops her by holding her hand.

Tanuja asks Malaika to come out of the room right now. Malaika comes out of the room and shouts at her, “who the hell are you to call me out. If Rishi would accept you as his wife then you are supposed to be there in his room instead of me.” Malaika also says that Rishi belongs to her only, and Tanuja should forget that Rishi is something to her.

Malaika reminds Tanuja that she is alive because she saved her life, and if she was not there then Tanuja would not have been alive. Tanuja says that she reminds whatever Malaika has done, but she is more thankful to Raj.

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