Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 29th November 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Malaika drugs Rishi to make out with him and jealous Tanuja

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki

Rishi’s mother seemed very tensed about Raj Singh Bedi (his husband) as he is missing since morning and also not picking up his phone. On the other side, Malaika aggravates Rishi for Tannuja but Rishi ignores her and goes to bathroom.

Meanwhile, Tanuja standing on pool side of hotel thinks that Rishi don’t understand her and there is no importance for her in his life, everyone saw love for him in her eyes, then why not Rishi and tensed by thinking that what happens next, may be Rishi don’t want to be with her anymore and tell her to go away from his life. But then she calmed her self by thinking that till then she have all the rights to love him. And now she is going to listen her heart’s voice .

Whereas, Malaika orders a fresh orange juice for her and mix a tablet in it, Rishi comes out of the bathroom and asks for some water as he is feeling thirsty, Malaika offers him glass of juice but Rishi refuse to drink that by saying that he doesn’t like juices and all, and offers that juice to Malaika, however, Malaika convinces him to have it, which makes him start getting inebriated. Getting benefit of the situation, Malaika tries to get close to him and due to that tablet, Rishi imagines Malaika as Tanuja and tries to kiss her.

On the other hand, Tannuja takes a rose to say him sorry and to convince him, Tanuja opens the gate of the room and see Rishi and Malaika hugging each other. Tanuja gets into tears and runs away to pool side with a amazing background sad song. Tanuja cries and thought that Rishi had no place for her, in his heart, and his life, and whats happening with her, is just because of her stupidity .

After getting drugged, Rishi doesn’t feel normal and start taking Tanuja’s name again and again, meanwhile, Malaika’s phone gets a call from Shekher. He yells at her for what she is doing, but she convinced him by saying that whatever she is doing is for both of them. Meanwhile, Rishi has fallen asleep and Malaika tries to wake him up, but she failed and blames herself, by saying that she gave two tablets instead of one.

While, Tanuja looks at the mirror and wipes off her tears and asks, ‘this sindoor this mangalsutra means nothing to him? Our marriage is just a compromise nothing else? The circumstances n which we got married is not right but I thought everything is getting sorted  but today i understood hat this marriage s just a showbiz.

What will happen next? Will Tanuja will come to know the reality of Malika? Want to know how Rishi will prove his innocence? Stay tuned to The TeCake.

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