Kamal R Khan tries to hook down Lisa Hayden

Kamal R Khan tries to hook down Lisa Hayden tecake

After commenting on Sonakshi Sinha’s butt and getting on war with the actress, Kamal R Khan has set yet another milestone in stooping down to the next level. This time, he has directed his attack at model turned actress, Lisa Hayden.

The Shaukeens starrer Lisa had uploaded a picture of her hanging from the basketball ring for her fans on Twitter to which Kamal R Khan tweeted that if he should sit down and watch her. Lisa got offended and replied that there can’t be anything lower life than Kamal Rashid Khan and then Kamal R Khan said that she hasn’t uploaded the pic so that her fans would worship her in a temple and included that he is a far more famous actor than her and she should respect him.

The actress decided to ignore the man. Kamal R Khan is notorious for his comments and tweets on social media to get publicity through such sleazy comments and starting wars with the stars. Actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Leone, Aamir Khan and Kapil Sharma also had the misfortune of dealing with this man.

According to Sonakshi Sinha, he is a waste of space that needs to be eradicated from the face of Earth. This man needs to learn some manners and needs to correct himself before he finds himself in some legal trouble.

The social media is a place where a person can express themselves. But the expressing of anything should be under scrutiny. This situation has arisen because of people like Kamal R Khan who are out there, making people feel unsafe in their own home and space. People like him might need to learn that everyone has the right to be themselves and they have their rights. So if these people would mind their own business, that would be good for them.

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