Justice served to 23-year-old maid in Hong Kong

Erwiana Sulistyaningsih Tecake

Hong Kong: An Indonesian domestic helper, Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, has finally got her justice for being abused by her former employer, Law Wan-tung. Law was accused of physically and psychologically tormenting Erwiana and devoiding her of her basic civil rights.

Erwiana bore this horrific treatment for several months and then gathered courage to go to the court to get justice. On Tuesday, a Hong Kong court ruled in favor of the 23 year old maid and convicted the 44 year old, mother of two, Law Wan-tung of 18 charges out of the 20 she was charged with.

The 20 charges consisted of physical abuse, psychological harassment, starvation, not paying wages and many more. The two charges that weren’t proved to be true involved the same treatment with the previous domestic helpers.

“One side of me feels sad because I am a victim of abuse. But the other side, I am happy because my case was exposed, getting attention from the public,” Erwiana said after the court placed the decision.

Erwiana said that there are many cases like hers’ and even worse that are left unattended due to the lack of courage and the need for money by the poor employees. They are threatened and made to do unspeakable biddings for the employer in order to get daily bread.

Erwiana was earning below minimum wage in Hong Kong, which is set at 517 dollars, and she wasn’t even getting paid. That was when she decided that she needed to raise her voice. The judge has ordered Law to pay $3,700 in outstanding wages to Erwiana and is awaiting her sentence on 27th Feb.

People like Law who exploits those in need deserve life-long enslavement rather than prison so that they can realize that what they did to others have such a crushing impact on the lives of those who underwent that.

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