Robot journalist publishes first ever 300 character news written in a second in China

Journalist robot writes first ever 300 character news in a second in China

It was said long ago that robots will replace human workforce in future and now a journalist robot has published its first ever article in a Chinese news daily. A robot named Xiao Nan has written a 300 character long article in just a second that has been published in the Southern Metropolis Daily, based out of the port city of Guangzhou, China, on January 19, 2017.

According to the developers, the robot is capable of writing short as well as long articles with ease and it wrote about the travel rush during Chinese New Year (also called ‘Spring Festival’) in its first ever article.

According to researchers, the robot is better in many aspects when compared to humans and can write news faster and more accurate than staff writers.”When compared with the staff reporters, Xiao Nan has a stronger data analysis capacity and is quicker at writing stories,” said Wan Xiaojun, a professor at Peking University. “But it does not mean intelligent robots will soon be able to completely replace reporters.”

Xiaojun explains that at present robots are not capable enough to carry out face-to-face interviews as they lack in spontaneous counter capability of humans and they are not intelligent enough to come up with follow-up questions. However, they will be able to do so in future where they will decide a particular news angle based on the conversation and will replace the human staff.

“But robots will be able to act as a supplement, helping newspapers and related media, as well as editors and reporters,” he told the China Daily.

Although, the experiment might please many but the staff of the state run media got furious with the experiment as they believe that the robots can replace them in future at the risk of their job. Similar things have happened in large manufacturing units where thousands of human workforce were replaced by gigantic robotic machines.

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