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Johnny Trigger MOD APK

Johnny Trigger MOD APK is one of the most adventurous and role playing game that you can play on your smartphone for free. This light and exciting game is easy to play and is so relaxing as well. Finish off the enemies in a flashing style in this game. Consider yourself as a spy and kill the other gangsters you come across. Buy the guns you desire to defeat your enemy.

Moreover, this game is provided to you with more unlocked features. Read the whole article to more about this game and download the game for free!

Details of Johnny Trigger MOD APK

Name Johnny Trigger MOD APK
Genre Action, Shooting
Size 77 Mb
OS Android 4 and Up
Publisher Say Games
Version V 1.12.3
MOD Features Available. All features unlocked
Price Free
Google Play

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Johnny Triggers is a role playing game suggested for those who are interested in action and shooting games where you play the main role of the character of the game and defeat others using your fighting and shooting skills. All of us have fantasied about being the fearless warrior who, with our superior weapon abilities, military tactics, and unrivaled intellect, could take down an entire criminal enterprise. And now, thanks to Johnny Trigger, you can really be the amazing protagonist you’ve always imagined yourself to be.

Join this incredible game and play as the main character of the game Johnny! In the most recent exploits, he carries on the toughest battles with an enormous criminal organization. Conduct amazing shots with extreme precision and foresight. Also, make the perfect use of your shooting skills in the game and defeat the enemies around you. Deal effectively at once with all the enemies around you!

Play this amazing game for free and apply all the tactics you know to win the fight against the enemies. Furthermore read this whole article to know more about the features of this game and use the link in this article to download this game for free!

Story Line of Johnny Trigger MOD APK

This game will allow you to be the main character of the game i.e. Johnny! You will be role playing as the main character of the game. You’ll be faced by a slew of foes, all of whom are equipped with firearms and dangerous weapons.
However, as the central role, you have complete control of how you beat your opponents and put on spectacular gun shows.

Furthermore, the game makes gamers to pass a number of in-game stages, each with its own distinct configuration.
You will use your awesome skills here, as well as your pinpoint accuracy, to knock out any enemies in your line of sight.
Let every shot matter as you use your brilliant movements to successfully and deviously outwit your opponents.

Hence, this game has a unique game play that is available for the Android smart phones now. Easily play this game with simple controls and use your tactics to defeat your enemies.

Game Play of Johnny Trigger MOD APK

This smart phone game “Johnny Trigger” will make you go crazy for the actions contained in this game. Like several other casual games, you’ll be loving the classic side-scrolling action game play. It’s method is divided into many stages, ranging from easy to tough. Your opponents will appear in various locations in each stage. The player’s goal is to beat the enemy as soon as possible before they spot you and shoot you down.

It’s tough to have opponents that can’t be killed with a single bullet. Furthermore, since the quantity of attackers is high and their rate of fire is quick, the player must have bullet-dodging techniques. Also, with every ten levels you pass, you have to face the toughest opponent i.e. the boss of the game. Hence, the challenge is difficult and difficulty keeps on increasing as you proceed further with the game.

Features of Johnny Trigger MOD APK

Amazing Maps:

This game includes an incredible map with numerous abundant components.
That is to say, the awesome map configurations in Johnny Trigger will introduce various strategies and techniques.
As you advance via the amazing maps, feel free to explore Johnny Trigger’s amazing game play.

Hence, find yourself as the hero of the story and design your own story through series of experiences you gain in this game.

The Main Character; Johnny:

This guy Johnny, entered the dominating underworld with the intention of capturing the underworld, also this guy seemed to be very careless yet courageous.

As everyone knows the rule of underworld, only the strongest are the winners and right so your task is to assist this sloppy spy in assassinating all of the infamous attackers. With the opportunity to fly and parkour agility with his favorite weapons, you’ll want to assist him right away.

Multiple Levels:

Get ready to go through hundreds of levels as you move further in the game. Prepare yourself to play this game with special configurations and functions. Also, with each level’s increasing difficulty, you’ll find the game to be a lot more interesting and enjoyable, no matter what level you’re on.

Variety of Weapons:

You can now explore many weapons as you proceed with the game and its levels. There are a lot of fascinating weapons, each with its own range of attributes and skills.

As a result, instead of relying on your old weapon, gamers will up their game by investing in a gun. You can also pick up the amazing rocket launcher and create chaos while you explore the fun stages to deal with the challenging leaders.

Character Customization:

Make the game more fun and exciting by customizing your character the way you want to. You can choose the favorite character from the options available in this game.

Furthermore, you can dress up the characters in gorgeous suits and accessories. Make them the lead character in a number of action flicks, both as the hero and villain. With your awesome character modifications in this game, it would also be one heck of an experience.

Excellent Graphics:

The game has the basic graphics but it does not mean that the game is boring. Moreover the simple game play brings less violence making it suitable to suitable for all the age groups.

Mod Features:

All the features are unlocked in this version of the game making it absolutely free to play. Now you can avail unlimited coins along with all the weapons and other in app items in this game for free. You do not have to spend anything from your pocket to purchase anything for your character.

How to Download Johnny Trigger MOD APK?

  • Firstly, uninstall the already download Game from the play store.
  • Secondly, download this game from the link given below in this article.
  • Now, select the option from the settings to allow your device to download from unknown sources.
  • And now install the downloaded game in your smartphone.
  • Finally, the game with all the Unlocked features is ready to play.


The game “Johnny Trigger MOD APK” is one of the easiest yet amazing game with a basic graphics and a great game play. You might have already gone through the features of the game.

Moreover, with this modded version will give you access to the whole game, all the weapons, characters for free. And the unlimited coins will help you buy anything that you wish to.

So, download this game today for free with the link provided in this game!

Johnny Trigger MOD APK: FAQs

1. Is this game available free of cost?

Yes, this game is absolutely available free of cost along with free coins and weapons.

2. Is this game safe to play?

Yes, definitely this game is 100% safe to play.

3. Will the adds disturb while playing this game?

No adds will pop up while playing this game. The modded version comes with all the adds being removed.

4. Are there any age restrictions for this game?

There are no age restrictions for this game. This game is suitable for all the age groups.

5. Are there any chances of this game getting banned?

No, as of now there are no chances of this game getting banned. But play this game carefully.

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