Jitan Ram Manjhi Tecake

The current Chief Minister of Bihar, Jitan Ram Manjhi, has been propelled to resign from his post by his now former party leader of Janta Dal Union Nitish Kumar. To this order, Manjhi has declined saying Nitish Kumar wants him gone because he is doing the right thing for the state.

Nitish Kumar, who recently got promoted to being the leader of the JDU legislature party, accused Manjhi of anti-party activities, due to which he asked him to step down from the post, but Manjhi refused to accept any allegations towards him and said that Nitish has indeed become power hungry, and that’s why he is blabbering rubbish to defame him by false accusatory claims.

Manjhi has been suspected of being backed up by BJP. His 40 minute meeting with PM Modi has also been described by many as a stratagem against JDU, which has raised some eyebrows.

Nitish Kumar is keen to get Jitan Ram Manjhi off his post because he has planned to take 130 MLAs, including those of the Congress and the RJD, before the governor to plead the expulsion of Manjhi.

In retortion, Manjhi is believed to be backed up by the support of over a dozen JD-U legislators. He is also getting open support from BJP, which has now openly come to his aid. BJP has 88 legislators, and it is supported by three independents. Maybe PM Modi did have his hands in the matter.

Both the parties have strong cases of ‘who is wrong’ to which we’d comment, that’s politics. Whatever be the case, with Manjhi having BJP’s open backup, he might get to keep his chair, and Kumar might face disappointment. Either way, we wish that Bihar politics gets a cleanse of this high profile drama in a righteous manner and not a blood filled one.

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