Japanese Hotel Henn-na Actroids robots to serve guests

Japanese Hotel Henn-na Actroids robots to serve guests tecake

Japanese hotel located in Nagasaki, Hotel Henn-na, is going to feature some of the advanced robots in place of the human hotel staff. From the entrance to stashing your luggage into the rooms from the check-in counter, everything will be done by the robots that are no different than a human being.

These robots have been manufactured by the Kokoro, which calls them “Actroids”. Actroids can detect the body language and always have an eye contact while talking to the individual. They are multilingual and are efficient enough to take care of the conversations. While, robots don’t ask for salaries and other perks, the hotel might just deploy more of them.

Once you check in the hotel, an industrial grade robot will take your luggage to the room and other robots will take care of hospitality by offering you coffee, food, cleaning your room and delivering the laundry.

Actroids will also play a fundamental role in the guest’s security and privacy. With advanced facial recognition robots will be able to open the lock for you, eliminating the chances of having an intruder entering your room. They will also be able to detect the body temperature to adjust the room air conditioner.

The hotel is located within Huis Ten Bosch, a Nagasaki theme park, and with two-story structure Henn-na will only be offering 72 rooms for now. However, soon the first phase of the construction is finished, the hotel will allocate another 72 rooms.

The charges for one night aren’t that high either. Under normal conditions, booking a room for one night in Henn-na will cost around 4000 INR, which can go up to nearly 15000 INR.

Except the fact that there will be robots to serve, the hotel is also providing humans if you wish not to be with the Actroids.

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