Japan Airlines rule out Samsung Galaxy Note 7 over inferno risk

US government advice users to stop using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones as it is fire-prone

It seems the fortune of the Korean Giant Samsung is not on form. The redundant fire issues, smoke hazards, and battery blast happenings have pulled the Korean conglomerate into the domain of a few legitimate and authority inconveniences, which in different ways has continued influencing the present market position of the organisation.

Since recent months, Samsung is kept confronting aggravations because of the fire dangers and battery impact cases and Indian Government has officially prohibited the recently launched Galaxy Note 7 in the country, alongside other leading nations like the USA. And following the track of India and USA, Japanese airline has banished Samsung Note 7 on the flight, because of its existing fire-get dangers.

In this weekend, Japanese Government has publicised an official report according to which the government has evacuated all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from planes, which is said to be the reflective moves taken by US controllers and a number of other airlines who in the last couple of weeks have banned over flame hazard concerns. The weekend declaration from Japan’s airlines takes after a prior notice that asked all the travellers not to turn on or charge the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on an airplane. But on Saturday, the Japanese Government has noticed all the airlines to boycott the Note 7 completely and to ban them from carrying while taking flights.

Soon after the notice of Japanese Transport Ministry, asking the passengers not to turn on or charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the flight, the urge of aviation authorities of Japan to completely ban the handset to be taken in the plane has stunned the Korean organisation entirely. Following a lot of blast, smoke happenings, and fire-catch issues in flights, the South Korean electronics giant has arranged a voluntary recall for all the shipped units of Galaxy Note 7 which guaranteed the complete replacement of the mobile.

However, even after the replacement, a safe-to-be-believed unit of Note 7 caught fire and caused smoke on flight, which made the airline land on urgent basis. And following all such happenings, Samsung has already stopped the production of its newly launched Note 7 and has requested the users to stop using the phone.

Chasing these issues, on Friday, the US transport authorities publicised the notice of banning Note 7 phones on the flights of US on an emergency basis. The notice, it further added that anyone attempting to voyage with the Note 7 handsets might face a monetary penalty. And the urgent ban order of Japan is believed to be a reflected action of what the US government did on Friday.

Almost all the main airlines of China have started carrying out the ban order, while in the weekend, Hong Kong’s international airport forbidden the travellers from taking Galaxy Note 7 on any incoming and outgoing flights. No passengers can carry the phone neither in the checked or carry-on baggage nor in their purse or handbags.

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