Jammu and Kashmir Governor NN Vohra on Wednesday affirmed to imitate dialogue with all political parties and also examine the need for denotifying the disturbed areas.

NN Vohra was addressing the first joint sitting of PDP-BJP government and asserted that the mere economic development won’t bring peace and prosperity. He expressed the requirement of well-considered political initiatives for peace.

In his conversation Vohra recalled the dialogue process which was initiated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee government at centre which had brought i all the parties in its purview with the spirit of  ‘insaaniyat, kashmiriyat aur jamhooriyat’ ( humanity, kashmiriyat and democracy)

“Following a similar approach, the coalition government will facilitate and help initiate a sustained and meaningful dialogue with all internal stakeholders, which will include all political groups irrespective of their ideological views and predilections,’’ the Governor said, adding that “this dialogue will seek to build a broad-based consensus on the resolution of all outstanding issues in Jammu and Kashmir’’.

Vohra applauded the centre’s recent initiatives for improving the relationship with neighbouring countries and rested his belief on this steps being instrumental to bring positive change in the lives of the people in his state.

Vohra also agreed to the fact that the government would review all the special laws which are currently working in the state.

According to Vohra, denotifying the disturbed areas would also enable Centre to have the final take for AFSPA in such areas.

In an indirect reference to maintaining a status quo on Article 370, Vohra said: “The Agenda for Alliance recognizes the political and legislative realities and maintenance of the existing special constitutional provisions and the status of J&K”.

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