Jaitley assures of hunting down black money offenders

government assures of finding last culprit on black money probe

After facing heavy criticism on black money probe for not revealing names of HSBC account holders, government today said it will not leave any offenders and hunt down every person who is found guilty. Also, government pledged not to rest until the last account is identified.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitely disclosed that out of 627 account holders; 250 have accepted of having account in Swiss bank.  Moreover, premature revelation of names could help offenders in escaping the jurisdiction. “The question is not whether to disclose but when and how. We have to disclose the names in a very prudent and thoughtful manner,” he said in Rajya Sabha. “If we indulge in populist, adventurist stance, this will only help the account holders.”

All day opposition attacked the PM Modi and government for not fulfilling their false promise of bringing black money back to India within 100 days after getting elected. Opposition pointed on false promise and questioned the figure of Rs 85 lakh crore given by PM as total illicit money lying abroad.

However, BJP’s Rajya Sabha Leader, Jaitley deftly skipped the oppositions criticism.

“We are going on the right track even if it is going to take time. The Income Tax law may not be enough. We will be extremely proactive in taking action. We will follow fool proof procedure to take these people to task,” Jaitley said.

“We are committed and sincere in efforts to identify black money holders. It will go on till the last account is identified,” he said. Replying to the repeated taunts of the Opposition about the 100-day deadline by Modi during the election campaign, he said, “you may have no satisfaction about what we have done in 100 days. However, we have done more than any other government has done. We have done a lot.”

He hit back at opposition saying, “all I have said is we can have endless debate on the reasons for your defeat in the elections or the best way to punish the offender.” “Populism and sarcastic comments are not response and solution to the issue,” he told the Opposition members.

Also, he did not forget to mention that until the case has  been filed in the court and prosecution starts, names of the account holders cannot be revealed as mentioned in confidentiality clause.

While giving assurance to the house members, he said that the government is giving their best possible effort for identifying the culprits. In the process government has identified 427 account names; notices have been sent to them, and more names are under scrutiny. He added that all the documents and proofs have been submitted to SIT (Special Investigation Team) which will forward them to The Supreme Court by the end of this month.

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