Italian supercar major Lamborghini eyes the lion’s share: Confident for a 25 percent market share

Lamborghini Aventador

As the big daddy of supercars, Lamborghini launched the new variant of the Lamborghini Aventador S Coupe (which, to be honest, is a whole new class in itself) the competition for capturing the domestic supercar market segment has just got more cutthroat. Lamborghini looks confident to raise the volume share of Lamborghini supercars in the Indian Market twofold in the next two years.

Sharad Agarwal, Lamborghini India head says,” With the kind of pre-launch response so far for the Aventador S LP 740-4 Coupe; I am very confident to take the overall share of the Aventador family in our portfolio to 20- 25 per cent from 10 per cent now. I am already sold out for the first year.” As the domestic market for the luxury and supercar segment soars after beating the demonetization blow it suffered in the last part of 2016; the various foreign supercar makers have braced up for raking in and registering a double-digit growth in the next few months.

The demands for the supercars such as those by Lamborghini and Ferrari have seen an exponential growth in the past decade and this year on Lamborghini would be focusing on expanding its market reach to regions of India other than the tier 1 cities. The perceived competition from the American automakers in the supercar segment is expected in the near future as the Trump administration focuses on reducing the duty and other trade barriers for competing in the Indian Market. Lamborghini India is all set to cash on the current market sentiments that are still very volatile in this sector. Aventador S Coupe 740-4 which is priced at a staggering 5 Crore INR would be shifting its focus to first generation entrepreneurs for increasing its sales.

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