ISRO to launch first-ever reusable satellite launch vehicle in September

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is giving an opportunity to create and fly the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) that has successfully lifted up several satellites for the Indian space agency. Chance will be given to heads of 25 companies participating in a conference which will be held in Bengaluru on April 21.

PSLV is ISRO’s most powerful rocket used in several missions including iconic Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan. Foreign space agencies are also taking help of ISRO for their space missions and PSLV has lifted up 28 foreign satellite from 2013 to 2015, churning out $101 million for the Indian space agency.

More countries are looking forward to take ISRO’s help in launching their satellites and PSLV has a major role to play as it hardly had any failure in its entire space history. PSLV had made 31 consecutive successful launches after a partial failure in 1997. Now, with the increased cash inflow, ISRO is looking forward to privatize the rocket and increase the number launches.

ISRO chief A.S. Kiran Kumar said that he wants to increase the number of flights and wants companies to participate and manufacture PSLV. This way, the number of flights can be increased from 12 to 18 next year and then 24 flight in the following year. ISRO chief believes that involvement of private industries decrease the workload on the Indian space agency and improve the supply chain of components which will eventually increase the overall cash inflow.

According to reports, ISRO has already started building a platform at the Satish Shawan Space Centre (SDS) in Sriharikota to facilitate private industries. In addition, companies like Godrej & Boyce and Larsen & Turbo have already collaborated with the Indian space agency for producing rockets and satellites. Collaboration of private companies can generate billions of dollars for ISRO which will eventually give a boost to India’s space and research programs.

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