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In a worrying news for the world, the Ghost Security Group (GhostSec) in a report said that ISIS is now using its own Android messaging app to evade the security agencies snooping on him. The messaging app is known as ‘AlRawi’.

The report claims that the app is used by ISIS for communicating with each other. Alrawi with its encryption can be used on all android phones and is used by the terrorist members for exchanging messages and other digital communication without letting the securities a hint.

Although the app is not listed on the Google Play store, people around the world can search it and sideload an apk to access it. In the past, apart from the social networking sites like Facebook, ISIS had been using Telegram, WhatsApp and Tumblr to communicate with its user base.

You must be knowing that ISIS is the most dangerous and violent terror organization in the world. The terrorist organisation has taken to different means like kidnapping, killing, beheading, and hacking of social networking sites to spread its fear across the globe.

GhostSec is a part of the hacking group Anonymous. Recently, Anonymous has launched a cyber attack on ISIS after the Paris attacks. The hacking group, Anonymous has launched a series of cyber-attacks on ISIS members having accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.

Anonymous even went in protest on the streets of several American cities to protest against these terror monsters. Last year, Anonymous had also urged the people to celebrate ‘ISIS Trolling Day’ on Dec 11, 2015.

The app from ISIS seems to be a protective measure against the recent hacking activities on its members. It comes with encrypted communications features to help ISIS members exchange messages without getting caught by the security agencies.

Earlier, reports suggested that ISIS launched an app that features news and videos showing executions and battlefield victories and propagates its agenda. The app was essentially based on a news portal, run by Amaq News Agency, a group believed to be linked to ISIS.

The website hosting Amaq Agency app has since disappeared.

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