ISIS behead five journalists, demands $200M for releasing hostages

ISIS has yet again committed horrific crime. on 24 December 2014 when the terrorist group took hostage of a Jordanian Pilot in N. Syria and some Japanese. They have then demanded 200 million dollars for the release of everyone.

With every delay in their demand fulfillment, they are beheading their hostages. They have beheaded 5 west Journalists till now and are claiming to continue if their demands are not met. They are the dictators who have now got the world’s attention and now all they have to do is fill the world with fear.

KT Mcfarland who is a Fox news contributor and an expert in crime and war shared her thoughts while she was working in the Pentagon, “You can’t negotiate with ISIS, they just keep on taking hostages, asking for ransom and every time we succumb to their needs, they come back again for more.”

In a recent event a Japanese hostage, Kenji Goto was beheaded by ISIS and a video was released of the heinous crime saying that they are getting impatient. Earlier in September 2014 also they took hostages and released around 50 Turkish people after getting 45 million dollars as ransom.

It’s hard to say with terrorist, what they might be thinking may be completely different from our thinking. “It’s better if we put a bounty on their heads for 200 million dollars, then we’ll see if their so called connections are as trustworthy as they claim to be today.” KT Mcfarland furthered.

If we fulfill their demands, we are in one way encouraging them and there might be others out there who might want to pull the same stunt off. Also, with so much money on their hands, what’s to stop them from getting more arms and ammunitions to blast the world to pieces in future?

Kenji’s family is devastated and they are saying that his life was in the hands of the government and their delay in taking an effective decision led to this and now nothing can be done.

Although no news for the Pilot being alive has been released but people are hoping that maybe the government will be able to save at least him.

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