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Is Selena Gomez marrying to Bill Murray?

The Cannes Film Festival is on, and stars from all around the world are present at the prestigious event. It is the 72 years of Cannes Film Festival, and the world’s best media personnel are there to cover the entire game.

In a recent event, the film festival was attended by the American pop singer and actor Selena Gomez. The singer was welcomed with all fanfare and pomp and show. Selena Gomez had a beautiful white dress on and was there to promote her next movie, “The Dead Don’t Die” with Bill Murray. The actress looked gorgeous on the red carpet and enthralled the whole crowd with her looks. However, this is the first time the couple is seen together on the screen.

On the red carpet, Selena Gomez was joined by Bill Murray, the co-actor of her next movies, “The Dead Don’t Die.” The couple looked comfortable with each other. The major eyeballs rolled when Bill Murray spoke something in Selena Gomez’s ears. The paparazzi went crazy with the scene, and everyone wanted to know what Bill Murray spoke in her ears. The couple looked quite comfortable in the presence of each.

Moreover, this was the first time the lady appeared in the Cannes fest. It was the social media post of the pop singer that made the whole world gossiping. The actress posted that she was honored to be present at the Cannes festival with her entire team. In the end, she mentioned that she is getting married to Bill Murray. The whole world went to a shock with this statement. No one could guess what had happened between them, or was it a joke. The social networking sites broke down with comments on Selena’s decision and whether or not the news was only a joke.

Whatever the cause may be the entire world is in a shock now with limelight all around the world being focused on them. It will help in their upcoming movie. The actor has issued no clarification since then.

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