Is you child suffering from Autism: All you need to know

Autism is a mental disorder in which a person loses the capability to easily communicate, socialise or gel up with other persons. The disease also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is often misdiagnosed in Indian children due to lack of awareness. Indian parents usually consider a child suffering from ASD as mentally retarded, thus the number of ASD cases are increasing exponentially in India.

If reports are to be believed then one in every 68 children have ASD and numbers are expected to grow. Boys are at higher risk of having autism. Study says that boys are four times more likely to develop autism when compared to girls. In India itself 26 in every 1000 children develop autism and most of them don’t get proper treatment due to misdiagnosis. The numbers could be far worse since no detailed studies are available for Indian children. However, a study estimated that nearly 10 million people in the country are suffering from autism.

Here are symptoms, detection and treatment for ASD


There isn’t mechanism to test ASD in a short span of time since tests like blood or urine tests cannot diagnose it. However, an expert can tell whether a child is having autism by observing his’her behaviour over a period of time


ASD is a mental disorder which cannot be cured as of now. However, experts can guide a patient to become more social and actively participate in the public. There are special classes for children having autism where they educate children and try to develop social skills in them and improve their behaviour. Moreover, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) can be used for helping the child. Dietary modifications can also do wonders in such situations. It is always advised to diagnose such diseases as early as possible. Early detection means easy treatment, later virus complications could arise making the treatment several folds tougher.


  • Delayed speaking or language development
  • doing work repeatedly and routine behaviours
  • sensory problems
  • improper facial expressions
  • difficulty in making eye contact
  • emotional problems
  • harming himself/herself
  • sleep-related problems
  • isolation
  • absence of mind

According to Wikipedia, the autism spectrum or autistic spectrum describes a range of conditions classified as neurodevelopmental disorders. the autism spectrum to encompass the previous diagnoses of autism, Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), Rett’s disorder and childhood disintegrative disorder. These disorders are characterized by social deficits and communication difficulties, stereotyped or repetitive behaviors and interests, sensory issues, and in some cases, cognitive delays.

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