iPhone exploded in China, Apple blames external reasons

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When the Cupertino giant Apple is replacing faulty batteries of iPhone 6s, yet another exploding case of the smartphone reported in China, when an iPhone 6 caught fire. This is the eighth instance since September 1 and the common among all of them is that the handsets started burning or exploding by their own.

The Shanghai Consumer Council has reported on Friday that the instances of burning or exploding of the Apple smartphones weren’t due to any kind of apparent outside interference or influence. All of the eight iPhones were either being charged or were on normal Standby mode. The company is also receiving sudden shutting down problem on the iPhone 6s.

The council, in its report, urged Apple to handle these instances, saying: “[These] consumers chose Apple products based on the trust of the Apple brand, but encountered abnormal shutdown, spontaneous combustion, account theft and other troubles. A large number of consumer complaints have not been effectively resolved. We call upon Apple to deal with various types of consumer complaints in a timely manner…”

However, Apple Inc. said that the exploding of the iPhone was caused due to external factors. In an email to Reuters, Apple spokesperson said that the units were analysed by the experts and it has clearly shown that ‘external physical damage happened to them which led to the thermal event.’ She further added that the company was widening its investigation into the power-down issue.

Besides this, Apple 6s users had also reported an issue of a sudden shutting down, without a reason. Initially, the company said that the issue only affected a fraction of iPhone 6S units, however, when increasing number of users started reporting the same issue, the company investigated and  came to know that the issue only affected iPhone 6s units made between September and October 2015.

For the same, the tech giant has announced a battery replacement program and launched a new tool which can help users to find whether their iPhone 6s is eligible for the program or not.

We know that Apple is one of the top brands which are known for quality, and to serve best, if the exploding issue is not due to external factors and were due to some manufacturing defect, then Apple will definitely take necessary steps in the benefit to the users.

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