iPhone arrives in India for customers who pre-ordered, next lot to come in December

Apple iPhone 6

Good news for Apple lovers, iPhone duo finally arrives in India. Apple will start shipping of iPhone 6 and its bigger sibling iPhone 6 plus from October 17 onwards. According to reports, the company will unveil their flagship device on Thursday midnight, and sale will start from 1100 (GMT +5.30) or depends on store timings. On the same day, iPhone duo will be unveiled across Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Apple representatives said that the product will be available for the customers who pre-booked their device. ”We had taken many pre-orders for the Smartphone including the maximum orders for the 128 GB iPhone 6 priced at Rs 71,500, and that will be available for sale on Friday. Pre-bookings are still open in some of the stores. Apple has assured us that we will ensure sufficient inventory for all pre-ordered units on the launch day. The company has been reserved more than 5000 handsets at Apple stores, multi-brand retail chains and e-commerce sites in the last two days.”

The Apple phones will be available at The MobileStore, UniverCell, Planet M Retail, Sangeetha Mobiles outlets adn e-commerce websites like, and besides Apple stores. “The craze about iPhones is for the first time felt in India like in the West,” said Himanshu Chakrawarti, CEO, The Mobile Store. “The exclusivity to own the first lot of iPhones before others is huge, much like when a Salman Khan movie releases or how consumers used to rush at midnight to buy the first lot of Harry Potter books.”

The iPhone 6, 16 GB version is priced at ₹ 53,500 while iPhone 6 plus costs around ₹62,500. In addition to it, Mr. Chakrawarti said, this introductory lot in India will only be available for pre-bookings. However, the next lot will be available from December.

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