iPhone 7 alleged to disintegrate into bonfire and bombed a car

Apple iPhone 7 burnt

Another phone explosion and a new safety issue for the smartphone users – but this time, it is not the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It is Apple iPhone 7, which is alleged to blew up and damage a car.

The instances of smartphone explosion are soaring up gradually and after Samsung, Apple Inc, have become a victim of such happening. Apple, in the first half of this month, launched two most awaited smartphones of this year, named as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and soon after took the market by storm. With an excellent line-up of features, sophisticated design, and powerful structure, both phones kept on driving the global smartphone market. Recently, the report of iPhone 7 blast was published in Australia’s 7 News, which claimed that iPhone 7 disintegrated into flames and blew up a car.

Mat Jones, a surfer from the South Coast of New South Wales, is claimed to be the owner of the blasted iPhone 7. As per the reports of Australia’s 7 News reports, Jones had taken his phone for surfing and left it under a cluster of clothes presented in his car. But when he returned from surfing, he found his car overflowing with smoulder, and the iPhone 7 went up in flames completely. The bonfire of the phone is also alleged to damage the interior of the car completely.

As said by the news reports, Apple is already aware of this accident and is investigating the cause of the ignition of the phone. But the blast of iPhones is not the first case of this year. Previously, in late of September, an iPhone 7 Plus was reported to blow up during the transportation and was unable to reach the buyer. And again the same happening in a more intensifying manner has come to the forefront, creating more uncertainty on the competence of Apple.

While asking Apple on this matter, it denied commenting anything. As per the mentioned guideline for the use of lithium batteries in the smartphone, it has the potentiality to blast if damaged, overheated, or overcharged. But the owner of the recently exploded iPhone 7, Mat Jones hadn’t done any one this from the above-described criteria.

Neither he has dropped his phone nor used any forged tech to charge it; still, the phone blew up and damaged the entire interior of his car. Now, like Samsung, Apple is recommended to arrange a voluntary recall for its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, before the matter goes uncontrollable with more solemn happenings.

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